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New Feature - Habit Tracker

Discover and meet Muslims within your locality

Be on a social network app without compromising your fundamental principles

Discuss life, religion and social issues in the comfort and in the midst of Muslims like yourself

Stream of supplications (Dua) from friends and family with Amin button to supplicate together with them

Get support, get motivated and get inspired by others to become better in this world and life after

Invite Friends
Invite Friends

Read, stream, download and listen to the Holy Quran offline and online

Listen to various Islamic online radio stations and informative programmes

New Feature - Habit Tracker
New Feature - Habit Tracker

Monitor your daily and weekly Quran recitation goals and progress over time to determine how much distance you have covered

Set your own goals or targets and Tutlub will tell you how many verses of the Quran has to be completed daily and weekly in order to meet the target

Tutlub will send you a progress photo whenever you reach weekly targets, detailing how many verses you have completed so far

Inspire friends and family members to join you in completing the whole Quran by sharing the progress photo on Tutlub feed and other social media

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Mashallah, what a great concept! Connecting with profesionals like myself is amazing.

Ilham Abdishakur Weheliye
President at London South Bank University Union

Oh wow! I will def use this. Very cool idea and implementation. Nice interface.

Abdulazeez Musa
Sanitation,Marketing Manager WaterAid

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